Lion’s Fall Fair

Crown and Anchor

It’s not quite fall yet, but school has started and the nights have started to cool off (thankfully, need it for sleeping!) so its getting closer. Back before I moved away, and quite possibly still, the Random Lion’s Club used to put off a fall fair as a fund raiser, and for that matter a fun raiser!

Its amazing how time flies by, and I can’t even remember much about it now, but I do remember there being games of chance (crown and anchor anybody?), food (fish n brewis I think? Moose burgers maybe?) and the hightlight (for some anyway, young boys/men included) a queen of the fair competition.  I can still see Warren Brooking, Bert Crummey, Allison Bugden, and many others I’ve not seen (and in some cases won’t again) in years.

I am pretty sure there was also a vegetable show and sale, perhaps with prizes? I don’t rightly remember, but I do remember seeing some nice Newfoundland Blue potatoes (mail me some!), and of course carrots, turnips, cabbages etc.

But most of all, it was a social event, a “time” if you will, a time for everyone, young and old to get together and shoot the breeze, have fun, and celebrate.

Anyone have memories to share?


2 thoughts on “Lion’s Fall Fair

  1. They had the ticket pull,and go fish. They would judge produce and crafts. The last queen I remember was Cindy Hefford. All put off in the school gym

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